In the last decades a flourishing entertainment industry has been developing, where casinos and video games have achieved great acceptance in all cultures, generating great impact on society.

 Statistical data reveal that the growing business added a high amount of money to the resources of the countries, thanks to the tax collection of this important economic sector. In addition, everything indicates that individuals today spend much more money on bets than on other recreational and recreational activities such as cinema, visits to museums and walks to parks, because the human being is on a quest Constant of new adventures and exciting experiences.

The social impact of casinos and gambling

The world of gambling, casinos and gambling have brought both negative and positive aspects that impact society, let’s see:

Among the positive:

  • They are synonymous with modernization, infrastructure, economic growth and a multiplier effect on society by becoming a source of employment that oxygenates the economy and quality of life of the community.
  • Casinos become places of entertainment and fun, where it is possible to get away from the stress of everyday life, while creating spaces conducive to socializing, applying techniques and skills in different games, in addition to seeking some extra profits.
  • Gambling and casinos have become an important tool to encourage tourism, since travelers from the world outside wanting to know historical places, want to live the adrenaline of bets, accompanied by a good drink and great shows.
  • The taxes that are collected due to the legal activities of the casinos swell the coffers of the nations budget, becoming a direct source of health, employment and welfare for the most needy in society.

Enter the negative:

  • The lack of control in the game leads players to become ludopaths, which can create hostile family and work environments, lack of responsibility for all tasks, psychological effects and large economic losses, which adversely impact the individual and his environment.
  • The pathological search for excitement and euphoria leads players to develop explosive disorders that increases aggression, while uncovering kleptomania or impulse to steal to play, until reaching the limits of despair such as trichotillomania, where the hair is torn off release tension.
  • An environment of high exchange of money such as casinos and bookmakers lends itself to organized crime to carry out criminal acts, corruption, theft and money laundering, which embezzle society’s economy and increase insecurity, directly affecting to the whole community.
  • The lack of legalization of some casinos has increased the flight of foreign currency, becoming a nightmare for government authorities, since they deteriorate the nation’s budget and decrease the quality of life of the community.

The entertainment industry, casinos and chance, as well as government health and control entities, know the advantages and disadvantages of this sector, which is why they jointly carry out campaigns where they advocate a responsible game that moves players away from the Ludopathy, while working for the legalization of the game and the payment of taxes, seeking in any case a favorable social impact that translates into welfare and economic benefits at all times.

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